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How to do frosted nail art


Many girls like to do manicures, not only can our hands look delicate, but they can also show slender fingers. Different styles and styles can be changed according to your mood. So how does frosted nail art work? Let’s take a look!

How to polish the manicure nails Actually, the manicure nails are not polished out, but there is a special kind of manicure oil, which is applied on the finished manicures, the lamps will become matte after drying The frosted texture is actually very convenient and simple to operate. How to remove nails at home 1. Prepare tools for removing nails, such as cotton balls, nail polish remover, etc. Please pay attention to when choosing nail remover Try to choose a better quality. If it is not a good quality nail polish remover, it will cause some damage to the nails after a long time, such as dehydration of the nails. This requires special attention. 2. Soak the cotton ball in the manicure water, soak it in a sufficient amount to allow the cotton ball to absorb the nail remover water, and then put the wet cotton ball on the nail that wants to remove the nail. Remember to put it for a while, if the time on the nail is too short or the amount of nail remover in the cotton ball is too small, it is easy to make the nail remover and nail polish not fully integrated, then it will not be clean, and Unload again. After waiting for a while, press the cotton ball hard to completely remove the nail polish. 3. After unloading, wash your hands with warm water again, then dry and apply moisturizing hand cream and cuticle care oil, so as to play a protective role on the nails, and it is also good for the contours of the nails. In addition, you can also do nail care regularly and apply primer regularly. For girls who often do nail art, more protection is also good for nails. How to make your own manicure at home 1. The first step is to do a good job of cleaning your hands, and carefully remove the dirt inside your nails. Prepare a tool for removing dead skin, that is, dead skin push. Many cosmetics counters are available for sale. Use a dead skin pusher to push up the dead skin at the base of the nail, and then use the other end to scratch away the pushed dead skin. 2. Sharpen the shape of the nails. Use the special sanding strips to carefully polish along the edges of the nails until you have the ideal shape in your heart; after grinding, use the thickest side to smooth the irregular lines, and finally repair it as a whole. 3. Start coloring Before using other colors, first apply a layer of transparent primer, which can protect nails and maintain hardness. After applying the primer, apply another layer of your favorite color. When brushing, brush down from the middle for the first time, and then turn to the left and right sides; after applying the base color, pay attention to see if the edge of the nail is stained. If it is stained, use a cotton swab dipped in a little nail polish go with. After the nails are dry, you can decorate some small patterns you like. The hazards of regular nail art 1. Skin infections Because of the need to apply nail polish, the surface of the stent needs to be smooth and smooth. The nail artist will first specialize Trim and polish your nails, and there is a layer of enamel that protects our nails on the surface of our nails. After polishing, our nails become soft and thin. These nail art tools are given to different people every day. Use, if it has not been thoroughly disinfected, and if you accidentally wound your hand, it may cause bacterial infections and even cause paronychia and onychomycosis. 2. The aging skin of the hands is the highlight when doing nail art. Naturally, it is those colorful nail polishes. In order to make the nail polish quicker, you will also put your hands under the UV lamp for irradiation and curing, but this 30-40 Ultraviolet radiation in different seconds can directly damage the dermis layer of our skin, destroy some of the elastic fibers and collagen fibers of our skin, accelerate the aging of the skin in the hands, and even lead to the appearance of wrinkles in the hands. 3. The risk of cancer is increased. Inferior nail polish is very dangerous. Drop these inferior nail polish on the plastic bag. After a while, the plastic bag is directly burned out a small hole, so it is recommended to choose carefully.

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